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What is a graphic design? Much better question is – what isn’t ? If we look around us, and take first thing near our hand, it is fair to say that first impression is about a design of that thing. It has some kind of shape – stylized shape. But, that is design of the particular object. Never the less, that simple example, bring us closer to the definition of graphic design. Graphic design, also known as communication design is a elective applied art and is a sort of mixture of textual and visual art. Graphic design is an applied art because it has a quite practical purpose – to sell or the attract attention. Also, it is whole process of artistic ideas, planning and inspiring action. Its form could be physical or virtual, and can include different kind of graphic forms, words, images. It has many practical purposes. Those purposes could be educational, cultural, commercial or political.Graphic-Designer

Graphic Design

Presence of graphic design has more than hundred year’s long history. It had been the profession that shaped forms, arranged tips or images for newspapers, posters and different kind of packages and printed matter, advertisements, graphics and, in last two decades, visualizations of any kind of information.  Designing books and magazines has also very long tradition. Propositions for last mentioned graphic design structures are interesting ones. While for designing magazines we have need for anticipating visual and written contents trough structure of graphic design, when it comes to designing books, content always comes at first place. Also, graphic design has it’s a place in creating exhibition catalogues, museum websites, as well as digital displays at museums with purpose to show information’s that are topical for exhibit. From these lines we are coming to conclusion that graphic design is a need of a modern time.

graphic-designLike marketing has its own part of self-uprising, the graphing designer has that also. Usually, position that all graphic designers are coming from is a junior designer, next step from starting position is a senior designer, than art director and finally – creative director. This is the positions by which graphic designers establish their place in various institutions. Junior designer position has a various titles, depending on the industry or medium he is attached to. Titles as a graphic designer, visual designer, motion designer, web designer, digital designer, animator, graphic artist, UI designer, UX designer are position attached to   junior designer, and it is a entry level.

After entry level, the next position is mid-level. At this level there are titles that are more specific, like: information designer, product designer, interaction designer, package designer, experience designer etc. After that comes an executive level, which brings more responsibilities. Positions that graphic designers occupy at these stage of carrier are: executive creative director, head of design, chief creative officer or, in some cases, founder/ owner.

All of these positions depend on number of employees at the agency or institution, and all of these titles don’t require specific certifications or well precise definitions. They are all product of constant evolving of graphic design’s profession.

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